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How to Use seatXchange Features

Q: How do I see if my friends are going to an event?

Connecting with your friends is easy!

Just navigate to My Profile and select Connect Facebook Friends (displayed below). Follow the on-screen prompts to connect with your friends already using seatXchange or to send invites to your Facebook friends to join. Once your friends accept your connection request, you’re all set.

Profile page on iPhone

Now when your friends are going to an event you will see a notification on the top left of the event listing (displayed below).

Click the notification to see which friend is going and where they're sitting. Now you can buy tickets or exchange seats to sit with your friends.

Listing of events with connections

(PLEASE NOTE: To remain anonymous, enable privacy mode under settings).

General Questions

Q: I forgot my password, what do I do?

A: There is a forgot password option when logging in as an Xfan. Enter your email address there and we will email you a temporary password.

Q: Can I change my username?

A: Yes, navigate to My Profile. From there, you can edit your username.

Q: Can I change my email?

A: Yes, navigate to My Profile. From there, you can edit the email address associated with your account.

Q: Can I disconnect my Facebook account?

A: Yes, navigate to My Profile. From there, you can disconnect or reconnect your Facebook account.

Q: If I can see my connections going to an event, does that mean they can see me?

Yes, unless you enable Privacy Mode. To enable Privacy Mode, select the Menu Bar, and then Settings.

Q: Can I shut off my push notifications?

A: Yes, select Menu Bar and then Settings.

Q: How do I leave seatXchange a review?

Select the Menu Bar, and then the Rate Us option.

Q: How can I report violations of seatXchange’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Use?

A: Select the Menu Bar and then select Support to send us an email.

Q: If I received a bad rating/review, is there a way for me to dispute it?

A: Yes, select the Menu Bar and then select Support and send us feedback. We will respond to you in a timely manner.

Q: Where’s my city? Where is my team and/or performer?

We are currently available only in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas but hope to add new cities in the near future.

Q: How do I use the seatXchange Referral Code?

A: Under the Settings tab you will find your Referral Code. Share your Referral Code with friends and receive credit on seatXchange.

Q: How do I update or add payment information?

Under the Menu options, select Payment Method to update your payment information.

Uploading Tickets

Q: How do I upload my tickets?

A: You can upload PDF tickets or Digitize hard tickets by selecting My Tickets and the “+” in the top right corner.

Uploading Tickets - Digitization

Q: What is “Digitization”?

A: The process of converting hard tickets into transferrable mobile tickets and PDF tickets that you can use, list, or transfer with a simple snap of a picture.

Q: What types of hard tickets can I Digitize?

A: All hard tickets with a barcode.

Q: How do I convert my hard tickets into digital tickets?

A: Select My Tickets on your smartphone and then select “+” in the top right corner. Select “Upload Hard Tickets” and then select "How Many Tickets to Upload". Next, take a picture of the entire ticket. Make sure the event information and barcode on the ticket are clearly visible in the picture. Then select “Done” and shortly after you will receive your digital ticket in the My Tickets tab.

Q: How long does it take to Digitize my ticket after its submitted?

A: It typically takes less than five minutes for the digital ticket to be securely created. On the app’s home screen, click the My Tickets tab and your ticket(s) should appear shortly.

Q: I tried to Digitize my hard tickets but it's not processing. What can I do?

A: Try uploading the ticket again and make sure you have all information with the bar code included in your picture.

Exchanging Tickets on seatXchange

Q: When can I Xchange seats?

A: You can Xchange seats anytime after the event starts. However, you can can list your tickets for Xchange at any time, as well as browse the inventory of tickets listed for Xchange.

Q: Why is the Xchange not available for an event?

A: Xchange is only available for certain pre-designated events based on demand and seating. If our Xfans upload 200 or more tickets for a particular event onto seatXchange, we will make Xchange available for that event.

Q: How do I Xchange my seats?

A: Go to My Tickets and select the tickets you want to Xchange. Follow the prompts to set your criteria and list your tickets. You will receive match notifications and be able to send Xchange requests to Xfans who have specified they want tickets in your section. When an Xchange is completed, it is recorded in your Transaction History and you will receive your new tickets under My Tickets. There is also a Chat function that allows you to chat with the Xfan you Xchanged with in case the venue requires printed tickets or any other issues arise. Once you get to your new seats, Confirm and Rate the transaction.

Q: When and where are my tickets delivered?

A: Shortly after an Xchange is completed, your new tickets will be available within seatXchange under My Tickets. You can view your tickets, but in order to further list, transfer, or share your tickets, you must first Confirm the tickets. In some instances, physical ticket delivery or other special delivery methods may be required by the team or venue. You may need to meet directly in person with the person you are Xchanging with. There is a Chat option under My Tickets to facilitate an Xchange, should this be necessary.

Q: I listed my tickets for Xchange but no longer want to move. What can I do?

A: So long as you don’t have an Xchange request pending and you have not accepted an Xchange request, you can remove or edit your Xchange listing by going to My Tickets and “For Xchange.”

Q: What is considered "Face Value"?

A: The “Face Value” of a ticket is the original price set by the team or event organizers before the start of the event. It's listed on the ticket and includes any standard fees incurred during the original purchase (not broker fees), as well as potential shipping.

Q: What if I Xchange tickets but the venue requires a printed ticket?

A: A Chat feature is available under My Tickets (until both sides confirm the transaction), which allows you to communicate and arrange a place to Xchange hard tickets.

Q: What if the person I Xchange with doesn’t show up with the tickets?

A: In the event that hard tickets are required to access your new seats and the person you exchanged with does not respond or show up to facilitate the Xchange, please contact us immediately by selecting the Menu Bar and Support and we will promptly reverse the transaction and you will not be charged.

Q: If I get to my new seat and someone disputes the seats are theirs or the person I exchanged with won’t leave, what do I do?

A: You will have the Digitized ticket on your phone or a copy of the hard ticket if you meet up in person to verify your seat, as well as a Transaction History you can access under the Menu Bar. In the event you continue to have issues, please contact us immediately by selecting the Menu Bar and Support and we will promptly reverse the transaction and you will not be charged.

Q: Why can’t I send an Xchange request?

A: You can only send an Xchange request to people who are interested in your section, i.e. they have listed your section as one of their Preferred Options.

Q: Can I Xchange more than one time at an event?

A: Yes, however, before you can list your new tickets both you and the person with whom you exchanged must Confirm and Rate the transaction.

Q: Why do I have to Confirm and Rate the transaction?

A: This allows us not only to verify that you were able to access your new seats, but also helps our users build their reputation while weeding out any bad actors. It protects you and your counterpart. Once you and the Xfan with whom you Xchanged both Confirm and Rate the transaction, you will both be able to list, transfer, and share your new tickets as you desire.

Buying Tickets on seatXchange

Q: How do I buy tickets on seatXchange?

A: Under the Events tab, you can view all events up to five days prior to the event date and buy from the listed price.

Q: Do you guarantee zero fees?

A: Yes, we have zero fees for all transactions. Card processing fees may apply, which are paid to our card processing company, Stripe.

Q: Do you accept all major credit cards?

A: Yes, in the United States. Please note that all payments are made in USD. Payments made outside of the United States are subject to change based on the international currency exchange of your bank.

Q: Why is the "Face Value" of the ticket sometimes different than what I paid?

A: Xfans are allowed to choose the price to list their tickets. In some instances, it may be different than "Face Value".

Q: Where are my tickets delivered?

A: All tickets are delivered on seatXchange under My Tickets, where you can view your tickets and use them for entry if the venue allows electronic tickets. You can also email them to yourself and print them for entry into the venue.

Q: When will my tickets arrive?

A: Our goal is to provide the smoothest, fastest mobile ticketing experience possible. While the majority of tickets are downloaded instantly to the My Tickets section, electronic tickets may take our sellers a little longer to release the tickets. No need to worry! They will be in your phone as quickly as possible.

Q: Why is there another name on the tickets?

A: When teams and performers first issue tickets to season ticket holders, the name of that original purchaser is put on those tickets. If they choose to sell their tickets, their name will still appear on the ticket. Don't worry, the tickets are yours now!

Q: If something comes up or I mistakenly buy tickets, can I get a refund?

A: No, but you can list your tickets for sale on seatXchange to get a return on what you paid.

Q: Can I use my phone to get into the event?

A: You can use seatXchange to enter stadiums, arenas and theatres that do not require printed tickets simply by accessing your electronic tickets under My Tickets. When you arrive at the event, simply pull up the ticket barcode in the app, and you're good to go.

Some venues do require that you print your tickets before arrival - so make sure to check with the venue beforehand. If you still aren't sure what type of ticket your venue will accept, you can always contact our customer support team using the Menu Bar and selecting Support.

Q: How am I protected from buying fraudulent tickets?

A: You are responsible for reading the complete listing before making a commitment to buy tickets. Please be sure to check ratings, reviews, and mutual connections before transacting. You'll get the tickets you ordered in time for the event and they'll be valid for entry. If that doesn’t happen, we'll locate comparable replacement tickets or send you a refund. You'll also get a refund if your event is cancelled and not rescheduled. We love going above and beyond. Buy safely on seatXchange: Only tickets you buy on seatXchange are covered by our seatXchange Guarantee.

Q: What should I do if my tickets are not scanning?

A: While we do not expect there to be any issues at the gate, we want our fans to be prepared for anything. If for any reason you are having difficulty scanning into an event, there are a few quick steps that can be taken to help get you in quickly:

  • Confirm you are scanning either from an iPhone or Android device, or from a printed PDF ticket. Do not try to scan a screenshot.
  • Confirm the barcode scanner machine is actually reading the barcode (if nothing beeps or reads, we recommend turning up the brightness on your screen). If you are scanning a shared ticket, please call the original purchaser to confirm that they have shared the correct ticket with you.
  • Confirm you are updated on the latest version of the app.
  • Confirm you have tried another gate and another scanner.
  • If the above doesn’t work, we can resolve your issue faster than the ticket office. Please contact us using the Support icon that appears in your Menu Bar.
Q: What is your policy on event cancellations (rainouts, postponement, etc.)?

A: seatXchange protects 100% of your purchase and promises that your seats will be valid for the purchased event. If the event is postponed or re-scheduled, your tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date. If the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you will get a refund. Please allow 2-4 business days for the refund to fully process with your bank.

Q: Why do I have to Confirm and Rate the transaction?

A: This allows us to verify not only that you were able to use your tickets, but also helps our users build their reputation while weeding out any bad actors. It protects you and your counterpart.

Selling Tickets on seatXchange

Q: What's the benefit of selling on seatXchange?

A: With seatXchange, you can sell your tickets before or even after the event starts with no convenience charge (card processing fees apply). Each time you transact on seatXchange you grow your reputation, opening up endless possibilities to share experiences with other Xfans.

Q: Does seatXchange guarantee my tickets will sell?

A: The secondary ticket market is based on fluctuating demand and can be unpredictable. Sometimes events have low demand and sometimes even great events don't sell. While we can't guarantee that your tickets will sell, you set your own price to give you the best chance of selling your tickets.

Q: What are my payout options?

A: You will be paid out based on your specified Payment Method (Selling).

Q: When will I get paid?

A: seatXchange releases payment 48 hours after the applicable event has started, assuming you have a valid account with seatXchange and there are no disputes regarding payment. It may take 3-5 business days thereafter for payment to appear in your account. In the event of any reported issues regarding the ticket, we will investigate and reserve the right to withhold payment for up to 90 days while we investigate, as well as suspend your account and/or remove previous credits from your account in the event of any actionable claims.

Q: What if I have a larger pack of tickets but I only want to sell a few? Is that possible?

A: You can choose any number of tickets you want to list from your My Tickets tab. However, you can only list continuous seats/tickets in the same listing - no broken up seats are allowed in the same listing for sale or exchange.

Q: What happens if the event is cancelled?

A: If you sold tickets to a cancelled event or a playoff game that's not held, your tickets will be returned to you and you will not be paid for such sales and amounts paid shall be reimbursed to the buyer.

Q: What if my tickets don’t sell?

A: We do not guarantee that your tickets will be purchased and are not liable for the failure of tickets to be purchased.

Q: What can I do next time to increase my chances of selling?

A: Listing tickets earlier allows more people to find and buy them. For the best chance to sell, list your tickets as early as possible and let your friends know on Facebook or elsewhere that you’re selling.

Q: I sold my tickets. Can I get my tickets back?

A: Once your tickets are sold, you cannot cancel the transaction or get your tickets back. If you’d like to attend the event, your best option is to repurchase. However, if your tickets have not sold, you can remove your listing from My Tickets under the “For Sale” tab.

Q: Can I edit or delete a sale listing?

A: Yes, you can remove or edit your sale listing from My Tickets under the “For Sale” tab.

Q: Can I post my tickets on other marketplaces?

A: If you want to list your tickets elsewhere, you can. But, we strongly discourage this since tickets could sell on both platforms. We, therefore, require that you keep your listing valid on seatXchange. We will enforce strict penalties if we identify that your listing was sold elsewhere and you did not immediately remove the listing from seatXchange.

Q: I am having trouble listing my tickets for sale. What can I do?

A: If you have tickets on seatXchange but are unable to list them, make sure they have been confirmed and are not already listed for Xchange, Sale, or Cost-Share. If the problem still exists, please contact us using the Support icon under the Menu Bar and we will try to help resolve the problem.

Sharing Tickets (Email, Share with Connections, and Cost-Share)

Q: How can I email my tickets to myself?

A: Select My Tickets and then select the tickets you wish to view. Follow the on-screen prompts to email the tickets to yourself or another email. We automatically populate the email associated within your account, which can also be changed as needed.

Q: Can I still access my tickets after I email them to myself or someone else?

A: Yes, as a user you can email tickets to yourself or to other emails without losing access to the tickets but you email at your own risk – email recipients will be able to use the tickets you send them.

Q: How can I share my ticket with someone else?

A: You can either select the Share Icon or go to My Tickets, select the tickets you want to share and follow the on-screen prompts. Tickets can only be shared with other Xfans on your Connections list.

Q: How can I transfer tickets to my friends?

A: You can transfer tickets to your Connections on seatXchange by selecting Share and following the on-screen prompts. Please note that once you transfer tickets, you will lose access to the transferred tickets and you will not be able to cancel the transaction.

Q: Can I edit or delete a share with connection?

A: Once you transfer tickets to a Connection, you will lose access to the transferred tickets and cannot cancel the transaction.

Q: How can I share cost with someone else?

A: You can Cost-Share tickets purchased on seatXchange with your Connections by selecting Share and following the on-screen prompts. This can also be done under My Tickets. When you Cost-Share, you will receive the exact amount you paid for the respective ticket(s) you are transferring, as if your friend had purchased the ticket(s) themselves. Please note that once your Cost-Share is accepted you cannot cancel or retrieve the shared tickets. You can cancel a Cost-Share at any time while its pending.

Q: Can I edit or delete a Cost-Share?

A: You can cancel a Cost-Share while its pending by going to My Tickets and selecting “Cancel Cost-Share” on the respective tickets.

Q: Can I still access my tickets after I Cost-Share them with someone else?

A: For tickets purchased on seatXchange, you can send a Cost-Share to your Connections, which if accepted by the recipient, you wll receive back the pro-rata cost of the tickets shared. Once a Cost-Share is accepted, however, you (the Seller) will lose access to the tickets. This cannot be reversed once accepted.

Other Questions?

Feel free to contact our Xfan center by filling out the form below. If it is the day of the event and you have an urgent issue, please contact us at complaint@seatXchange.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.